Amazing Race Recap: "Fishy Kiss"

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams make their way from Moscow to Amsterdam

Photo Credit: CBS.com

As teams began this leg of the race, they were presented with a flag and had to quickly determine that they were heading to Amsterdam. James and Jaymes were set on a flight that left at 10:45 the next morning, with arrival at 12:15 PM, while Trey and Lexi were set to arrive at 1:05 PM. Natalie and Nadiya were set to arrive at 11:30 AM, but had a shorter time to catch their connecting flights. Abbie and Ryan were planning another flight with a connection in Frankfurt, but double-booked connecting flights for insurance against missing one or the other. Josh and Brent are set to arrive at 4:35 PM via Oslo.

Natalie and Nadiya arrived first in Amsterdam, and found the Fast Forward, which they decided to try in order to skip all tasks and proceed directly to the Pit Stop. After boarding a "Floating Dtchman" bus, they had seven minutes to eat five herrings each before the Bus left the water. If they couldn't finish it, the bus would return to where they boarded and have to wait another ten minutes before they could try again. They managed to succeed, and arrived first at the Pit Stop, winning $5,000 each.

For the detour, teams could choose Back in Time or Organ to Grind. In Back in Time, teams would work with a group of live extras, and have to recreate Rembrandt's masterpiece. In Organ to grind, they had to find a street organ, operate it, and earn 30 euro in tips. James and Jaymes and Trey and Lexi chose Organ to Grind. In order to have some fun and pick up tips faster, James and Jaymes paraded in their Chippendale's cuffs and collars, and collected a huge 10 euro tip from a grandmother. Arriving first at the next stop, they had to make a difficult decision as they encountered the infamous double U-Turn, which would send a team back to complete the Detour task they chose not to do. The two had promised Trey and Lexi and Natalie and Nadiya that they would U-Turn Abbie and Ryan--but didn't want to lose the friendship they had with the dating couple, and had sworn to themselves that they were never going to play dirty. In the end, because they wanted to be able to make it to the finish line guaranteed, they went through with the U-Turn. They then made their way to the Switchback Roadblock, where they had to go Ditch Vaulting over a large mud puddle, pick up their clue, then vault back again, which they did quickly and with ease, propelling them into second place.

Trey and Lexi also chose Organ to Grind, and upon arrival at the Double U-Turn, they stuck to the second part of the plan, which involved U-Turning James and Jaymes, who were already clearly safe, and did not have to worry. This would force Abbie and Ryan to be the only ones U-Turned. They too finished the Roadblock with ease, placing third.

Abbie and Ryan experiences a bit of Deja Vu in Frankfurt when they missed their first option for a connecting flight, and experienced mechanical difficulties on their second option--putting them once again, further behind, though they still arrived in 4th, but only just ahead of Josh and Brent by a few minutes. They decided to work together once again, choosing Back in Time, which they finished quickly. However, the camaraderie was forced to end once they arrived at the U-Turn and realized that only one of them was U-Turned. Abbie and Ryan were forced to go back and perform Organ to Grind, while the Beekman's were set to continue to the Roadblock.

Josh and Brent checked in fourth, and Abbie and Ryan were last to arrive, after encountering additional trouble at the Roadblock. They were eliminated, and with their dismissal from the race, the chance of any teams walking away with $2 million went with them.



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