Amazing Race Recap: "Off to See the Wizard."

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams head to Moscow

In this leg of the race, the remaining teams traveled from Istanbul Turkey to Moscow Russia.

At the airport, Trey and Lexi had trouble finding a flight, while other teams seemed to walk right into flights arriving in Moscow anywhere between 2:00-4:00 AM the following day. Jaymes and James and James and Abba were on a flight which arrived at 2:00 AM, and Trey and Lexi and Natalie and Nadiya were on the flight arriving at 4:00 AM.
The last flight, which was supposed to originally arrive at 3:30 AM, and carried Brent and Josh and Abbie and Ryan, was delayed by one hour, forcing both teams to miss their connecting flight in Frankfurt Germany, with no other flights to Moscow available until a connector through Warsaw, which would put 12 hours behind all of the other teams.

Once in Moscow, teams received clues for a Detour. In Alphabetize, teams were to go to the Russian State Library and find four books (written in Russian), comb through thousands of Card catalogs, then find the books and give them to the Head Librarian. James and Abba and Trent and Lexi chose this. In Synchronize, teams had to perform a synchronized swimming routine with Russia's youngest new Olympic level performers. James and Jaymes and Natalie and Nadiya chose this one. James and Abba gave up and switched to Synchronize.

After the Detour, teams made their way to the "Trees of Love," they found a Road Block, where they had to unlock ten locks to retrieve a ribbon containing a a picture of the pit stop. Trey and Lexi were first to arrive, followed by James and Jaymes, Natalie and Nadiya, and James and Abba. Upon arriving at the Road Block, James and Abba left everything, including their passports, in their cab--which then left without them.

While they awaited their flight to Moscow, Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan formed a pact to just run this leg together since they were so far behind, and it was better to just race together. Once arriving, they wanted to do 'Alphabetize' for their detour, but had to go to 'Synchronize' due to timing. Abbie and Ryan finished the Detour before Josh and Brent, but chose to wait for them to finish as per their agreement, even though the team was struggling due to Brent's lack of swimming skills.

Trey and Lexi were once again the first team to arrive, and won a trip for two to Maui. James and Jaymes came in second, with Natalie and Nadiya placing third. James and Abba did arrive at the Pit Stop fourth, but could not continue because they do not have their passports.

Throwing a twist at viewers, the show ended on a "To Be Continued" note, with viewers wondering about the fates of James and Abba, Abbie and Ryan, and Josh and Brent.



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