'Amazing Spider-man 2' to start filming in early 2013

By Matthew Dougherty,

Fans were skeptical last July, and all throughout production, that is was too soon for a Spider-man reboot, but like it or not, the sequel, The Amazing Spider-man 2, is heading into production in February.

According to ComingSoon.net, when Andrew Garfield appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, he confirmed that the film is in pre-production and that February 2013 might be when shooting begins.

"I feel like we got over a hump with our first one. We had to reinstate the character, and we had to reinvigorate an audience to the character. And I hope to bring more of this theme—the theme of the orphan,” Garfield said to E!.

He also said that the suit will be redesigned because he could not urinate in the other one (saving New York City from a monstrous lizard could make one have to do that…).

The Descendants’ Shailene Woodley has been confirmed to play Mary Jane Watson in the sequel, taking over for Kirsten Dunst in the Sam Raimi trilogy. Rumor has it that Jamie Foxx will play the villain Electro.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is set to hit theaters May 2, 2014.



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