'America's Next Top Model - College Edition' Recap - The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

By Michael Pascua,
The final three have their final runway challenge, their Nylon, and Nine West photoshoots. Will Kiara, Laura, or Leila win Top Model?

It seems so early in the season but with America's Next Top Model starting in August; we're already down to our final three model hopefuls. Leila made it back to the competition by the fan's votes, but she continues to struggle with matching both the commercial and the high-fashion clients, skewing very high-fashion in most of her scenes. Laura wanted to break away from her famous family by being her own model and while she started strong her time in Jamaica has started to wear on her. Kiara was the strong woman with street sensibility to match her collegiate head, but she wavered back and forth from looking plain to looking stunning in all her photos; her personality was something that helped keep favor with the judges.

Tyra welcomed the audience to the final runway area where she set up the creepy undertones to the runway. We began the episode immediately with the runway presentation. We had a DJ and dancers as Kelly and Johnny were in the back. The other eliminated girls arrived as did Sophie, Cycle 18 winner. Sophie suggested not falling over. Of the eliminated girls Nastasia was supporting Kiara, Kristin supported Laura, and Darian was part of Team Leila.

We flashed back to the Nine West photoshoot that the final three went through. Kelly Cutrone was helping out since it was her client as she made sure things like bras were pushed up and double stick tape was available. Jez Smith was their photographer and with Johnny reminded her that she was trying to sell the clothes and the shoes. Kelly suggested having her standing and looking stronger. Kelly reminded Jez that Nine West was her client and she knew exactly what they were looking for. Jez sniped back that he was the photographer and she could take the photos if she wanted. He was upset during the shoot as the two stopped Laura from posing and she worried about getting a good shoot out of it.

Laura was in tears as Johnny had to comfort her; he told her that she did her best job in a hard situation. Leila was next and while she struggled with her face, she also couldn't model from head to toe as her shoes didn't point correctly. Kiara was last as they tried a few belts on her. Kelly thought that Kiara was struggling with her eyes being too closed. Kelly thought that she didn't have the right energy to match Nine West.

The girls had one more hour before all the fittings were finished and the models were getting some practice in the dresses and some touch-ups on their makeup. Laura struggled with seeing downwards because her dress covered up her neck.

We flashed back into the Nylon photoshoot. Jimmy Fontaine was their photographer and it seemed like Laura was fun to shoot with. The clients thought that Laura may have skewed too commercial, but he didn't seem to have a problem with that. Kiara was next as she tried to put different emotions in her face outside of that serious look she always seems to give. She remembered how she could influence her family. Leila was nervous as she shot on the ground. She had fun worth her shots; J. Errico noted that Leila fit the Nylon brand the best.

Each finalist got a surprise as Laura's parents arrived. She was immediately in tears as her mother's voice broke my ears as she squealed in support. Leila's mother popped up and they shared a long embrace. As for Kiara, her grandmother arrived and she could barely stand.

Tyra popped up backstage as she warned Leila to fix her walk. Tyra hugged Kiara's mother and attempted some Spanish with her. It was kind of embarrassing. Tyra met with Laura's parents as she realized that Laura was beautiful; she warned her about looking too sexy. The girls got their final instructions before the runway began. The girls lined up as they nervously waited.

The runway began with a silly ghost based opening with Rob, Leila, Laura, and Kiara. Leila seemed to fit the theme much better than the rest of the girls. Sophie was the representation of the ghost haunting the house. Ghost Sophie then went and killed the three models. The scene was silly but much more interesting than previous seasons. Even Season 7's Ghost runway.

Sophie began the runway as she wasn't the best of models. Kristin had the right runway for the show. Laura was next and while she looked a little awkward when it came to the stairs, her runway was strong. Kiara had an odd neck piece, but she didn't struggle with it; her walk has a nice energy. Leila was next and she immediately missed a step and fell. She got back up and tried to keep walking. After she got off the runway, she fell over, her ankle clearly hurting her. She claimed that she didn't twist her ankle and needed to be strong for her second look.

The girls got ready for their second pass as Kiara couldn't breathe because she realized that the end was coming really close. The other girls went past the runway and it was finally time for the final three to make their second pass. Laura had an ethereal look, but Tyra criticized her hand. Kiara was still freaking out, but she went through the runway without any issues looking really strong at the end. Leila was last and Johnny wanted her to stay calm. She took her time with the stairs as Kelly tried to make sure that she was going hard and recovered. The girls finished with their final pass and none of them fell. The girls were excited about the ending as Kiara was in tears as she attempted to hug the girls with the interesting costumes clashing into their outfits. Leila knew that getting eliminated and becoming the next top model would be groundbreaking.

The girls arrived at the final judging. The difference was that the girl’s body of work was being judged, the fan votes were averaged, and the challenge scores were also averaged. Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans, and Bryanboy were as always helping with the critiques.


Laura - Her runway had issues where she cupped her right hand. Kelly and Rob considered that she wasn't the best of runway girls, but she could carve a niche in the commercial realm. Laura was worried about looking too sexy.

Kiara - Kiara won four challenges so she had the potential 40K for her scholarship. Rob thought she was the only catwalk model. Kelly agreed; she was the best walker.

Leila - Leila was nervous as she watched her trip down the stairs. Tyra pointed out that she didn't swing her arms enough and that forced her balance to be thrown off. Kelly pointed out that no matter what excuse Leila had, Kelly would have been fired if she was the one in charge of the models. Tyra thought that it was all a mental issue the first time.

Nine West

Laura - Kelly thought she did a good job, especially with Kelly and Jez having issues. Rob thought the photo may have been sexy, but that is what Laura should sell. Tyra thought it was stunning; she was selling the shoes perfectly.

Kiara - Bryanboy was disappointed, but the fans thought that her body and legs were nice. Rob didn't think the bottom half was good enough. Tyra thought that she was resting and didn't have a pop. She needed to angle her head forward to make it look bigger.

Leila - Kelly liked the photo, thought it was youthful. Tyra thought it was the perfect merge between high-fashion and commercial. Rob thought she was selling the shoes really well.

The judges deliberated and gave their overall scores which would be added in with the average challenge and fan scores.

Final Scores

Laura - 41.2 (9+9+10+7.6+5.6)
Kiara - 36.6 (7+8+9+8.3+4.3)
Leila - 35.2 (8+8+7+6.7+5.5)

Leila was disappointed, but the judges thought that she wasn't an overall model. Tyra reminded her that she was the fan favorite. The final two had opposite journeys as their confidence swapped. Kiara was weak until the girls hit Jamaica. Laura was strong until Leila came back into the competition. Laura won by almost five points and she couldn't stop crying. Kiara was in tears and was disappointed; Tyra reinforced that she sang for Alicia Keys for some reason. Kiara explained that life goes on and she could keep going. Her grandmother was her rock, supporting Kiara's loss.

Laura was excited as her parents arrived in tears. Laura hugged the judges and her parents. She managed to get $30K in scholarships.



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