'Anchorman 2' details surfacing, songs being written

By Matthew Dougherty,

Anchorman 2 may have some extra surprises fans were not expecting, including songs written for the movie in the vein of Afternoon Delight from the original.

According to IGN, director Adam McKay first envisioned the sequel to be a full on Broadway musical, and that he hopes the cast will sing live on set.

McKay says that there will be more than one song and that the musical numbers will be a bit more lively than they were in Anchorman and Step Brothers.

Entertainment Weekly says that the story of Anchorman 2 involves “the rise of the new media and 24 hour news cycle."

The director has not finished the script yet, but the film is expected to start shooting next March.

No word yet, however, on when Anchorman 2 might hit theaters. It should be noted though, that summer 2014 would be the tenth anniversary of the original. With cameras rolling in March 2013, they could be eying that release window.



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