Anne Hathaway's prepares mentally and physically for her role in 'Les Miserables'

By Slater Katz,

Stars have shaved their eyebrows and gained excessive amounts of weight for movie roles, but Anne Hathaway’s requirements for her role as the malnourished, diseased prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables may be the most extreme yet!

In order to get into character mentally and physically, Hathaway had to shave off her luscious, brown locks and lose 25 pounds! Where those pounds are coming from her already slender physique is a mystery.

Oddly enough, the Devil Wears Prada star was less concerned with having to lose a dangerous amount of weight and more disturbed by her new hairstyle. The Hollywood Reporter quotes Hathaway: “When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother,” according to NY Daily News.

Hathaway is a real trooper and a revolutionary actress, displayed in her attitude towards her obligations: “Looking back on the whole experience — and I don’t judge it in any way — it was definitely a little nuts…It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who [my character] Fantine is anyway,” reports Gossip Cop.

Photo courtesy of INFDaily.



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