Anthony Hopkins calls Oscar campaigning ‘against my nature’

By Daniel S Levine,

Anthony Hopkins, who stars in the upcoming film Hitchcock in the title role, has become the latest actor to bash the Oscars process, calling Oscar campaigning “kind of disgusting” and “against my nature.”

Hopkins spoke about the film with The Huffington Post’s Christopher Rosen, who brought up that the film has garnered Oscar buzz, which took Hopkins by surprise.

The actor, who won Best Actor for 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs, then explained his feelings on the process, noting that he’s happy he doesn’t have to do all the publicity “face to face.”

“You know, I've been around -- I've got the Oscar myself for Silence of the Lambs -- and having to be nice to people and to be charming and flirting with them ... oh, come on! “ he continued. “People go out of their way to flatter the nominating body and I think it's kind of disgusting. That's always been against my nature.”

Rosen told him that he is not alone in feeling that way and that many would rather have their work speak for itself.

“I do, too,” he replied. “You know, kissing the backside of the authorities that can make or break it; I can't stand all that. I find it nauseating to watch and I think it's disgusting to behold. People groveling around and kissing the backsides of famous producers and all that. It makes me want to throw up, it really does. It's sick-making. I've seen it so many times. I saw it fairly recently, last year.”

The last actor to slam the Oscars was Joaquin Phoenix, who stars in The Master and is also favored to compete in the Best Actor category. He called it “total, utter bullshit, and I don't want to be a part of it.”

However, Phoenix later backtracked in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, noting that, “I wouldn't have the career that I have if it weren't for the Oscars. I haven't been in a lot of movies that have made a lot of money … And getting nominated for a movie has probably helped my career tremendously.”

He later said, “What I was reacting to was sometimes the reverence that we have about these things. I don't want to revere it.''



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