Anti-flopping rule in effect, penalizes players for faking an injury

By Jassum Gloster,

J.J. Barea from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Donald Sloan from the Cleveland Cavaliers are the first of the “floppers” to receive warnings.

The NBA has released new anti-flopping rules that penalize players for faking an injury or blow from another player. Last season reached an all-time low for the league when game after game referees had a hard time telling if players were really getting hit with elbows to the face and tripped, or if they were deceptively falling backwards in order to fool the official.

According to ESPN, “Barea was playing defense with 10:04 left in a game the Timberwolves would win, and took an off-hand to the face from the Kings’ Jimmer Fredette.”

Barea theatrically threw his arms in the air and tricked the referees into calling a foul.

Sloan similarly was caught up in a defensive play. His legs got twisted with the Bulls’ center Nazr Mohammed, and theatrically fell to the floor.

According to the Washington Post, “The second offense comes with a $5,000 fine, followed by $10,000 for a third, $15,000 for a fourth and $30,000 for a fifth. Additional flops after that could lead to a suspension.”

Hopefully these new rules will stop future offenses and make the game more enjoyable to watch.



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