Ariel Winter and older beau no longer a couple

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has broken up with 18-year-old beau, Cameron Palatas, squashing her mother’s assumptions that Winter ran away to be with her older boyfriend.

As we previously reported, 14-year-old Winter’s mother, Crystal Workman, petitioned the court objecting to any abuse claims saying that the only thing she was guilty of was trying to save her daughter from statutory rape.

According to the report, Workman walked into the guest bedroom where she found her young daughter in bed with Palatas.

These claims have since been denied.

Now, E! News confirms that Winter and Palatas's relationship no longer exists.

Currently, Winter is not under the supervision of older sis Shanelle Gray. Workman objected to her older sister being her caretaker, saying, “Ariel is rebelling and using this Guardianship to get out from underneath my guidance and supervision to her sister's care, which would in essence allow her to continue her relationship with Cameron."

Furthermore, Workman has adamantly denied reports of abuse, which included her physically and verbally abusing the young star, calling her out on her weight and attempting to “sexualize” her.

Winter and her mother will appear in court again on November 20.

Image: YouTube



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