Ariel Winter’s grandfather defends her mother against abuse allegations

By Daniel S Levine,

Modern Family star Ariel Winter’s grandfather is the latest family member to come to her mother’s defense to deny abuse allegations.

According to TMZ, James Batistas wrote in a document filed in court during the guardianship hearing that Winter’s mother, Chrystal Workman, is a “very good mother to all the children.”

“I have never seen any abuse from my daughter or son-in-law towards my granddaughters neither physical nor emotionally,” Batistas wrote.

Batistas also says that Winter’s older sister Shanelle, who won guardianship of her sister, stayed with him when she was 16. Shanelle had also been taken from her mother’s care when similar allegations were made against Workman 20 years ago.

However, TMZ’s sources say that she only moved in with Batistas after two years in foster care. He only sees Winter and Shanelle one every two years because he lives in Virginia.

Batistas did say that he hopes his granddaughters and daughters reunite.

Workman has been denying the allegations of abuse since Wednesday, when it was reported that she had lost custody of Winter in October because of alleged abuse. Winter’s brother also defended their mother, saying that the claims are false.

“I have never abused Ariel, and Shanelle's allegations of abuse are clearly fabricated as she has not had a relationship with either of us to know or assess me and Ariel's relationship,” Workman said in a court filing, reports E! News.



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