Back in Black: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday

By Drew Barile,

Thanksgiving is only a short way away, but already out of sight. Thanksgiving, traditionally overshadowed by the notorious and long anticipated shopping day of Black Friday, has more competition. Thanksgiving competition includes Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and the controversial Black Thursday.

Small Business Saturday, originally born in 2010, has grown in name through social media. American Express a big supporter of the day and has a Twitter handle, Shop Small, dedicated to the movement. It is encouraged to tweet to neighbors and friends promoting them to be patrons of local businesses. A twitter hash tag is the trending phrase that is spreading astronomically.

Cyber Monday, another counterpart to the shopping trio, is nothing too new. There is no implication of diminished significance, by its lack of recent development. Regardless, many websites, such as Mac Connections, an authorized re-seller of Apple products, has many deals on recently older and newer models of Macbooks and accessories. Cyber Monday is a great way to one-shop-stop from the comfort of one’s couch or desk, without the need to become aggressive and competitive in the physical stores. A recent joke pie chart from The Huffington Post Comedy demonstrated 18 percent of potential shoppers where fastening spike to the front of their vehicles in preparation for Black Friday.

The recent development of Black Thursday is catching many headlines. The controversy is perhaps tarnishing or taking away from the significance and special associations with Thanksgiving. However, it is important to consider there was a increase in online sales on Thanksgiving Day, according to CNNMoney, an aspect corporations such as Wal-Mart and Target aim to act on, in order to saturate the market with their goods and services. Moreover, it's an aspect they would like to see carry over into their physical stores as well on Thanksgiving Day in particular.

Regardless of one’s feelings about Black Thursday, it is fair to say the deals are out there and the weekend will be a long and exciting one for consumers and providers both. From Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to Cyber Monday it will be a business shopping weekend with those early Christmas gifts sought after with vehement zeal.



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