Bear in Underwear Backpack Adventure Board Game

By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

Ever dreamed about running through the forest in your underwear for a crazy adventure? Well that's just life for Bear and his animal friends. In this new silly game Bear in Underwearâ„¢ Backpack Adventure Board Game, you can travel through the forest collecting your animal's favorite food, forest item, and UNDERWEAR!? Bear and his friends have found a backpack full of all sorts of goodies, and your job is to reach into the backpack to grab the one you need. If you don't like what you pull out, no worries, you can always share it with the other players, but keep in mind the first player to collect all goodies for their animals wins!

So let the fun begin and leave the underwear running for Bear and his animal friends. At least you can be part of this crazy adventure based on the books by Todd H. Doodler.

For more information on Bear in Underwearâ„¢ and new and exciting games from The Haywire Group visit http://www.haywiregroup.com.



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