Ben Roethlisberger talks serious rib injury

By Jassum Gloster,

Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sustained a sprained shoulder and cracked rib on Monday against the Kansas City Chiefs. This injury has the potential of becoming a lot more serious. If Roethlisberger were to play and further injure his shoulder, it could cause him to have piercing injuries to his rib.

According to ESPN, Roethlisberger said in an interview that he is “extremely sore” and that it hurt pretty bad, causing him to have little sleep. His doctors explained the injury as a sternoclavicular dislocation. He will not need surgery, but instead have to rest it and wear a shoulder sling. The recovery time can take several weeks.

Backup quarterback Byron Leftwich will be replacing him for this Sunday’s rivalry matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. Leftwich has had the chance to master the new offensive coordinator’s playbook.

According to the AP, in a recent interview, wide receiver Mike Wallace said, “we have all the confidence in the world in Byron. He's been in this league a long time, and he's played a lot of games. We just need to work on some things in practice this week with him at quarterback, and I'm sure we'll be ready to go by the time the game comes around.”



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