'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: Habitation Configuration

By Tori Kronz,
Fights and Moving

In "Habitation Configuration," Sheldon has a fight with Amy and Bernadette is pressing Howard to move completely out of his mother’s place.

This episode statrs with another filming of Sheldon Cooper presents fun with flags. Sheldon is presenting the flags from Star Trek with guest Will Wheaton. Things start out well for all of three seconds before Amy, who is directing, tells Wheaton he is wooden. Amy is a rather harsh director, especially since Wheaton is doing well, and Wheaton does not respond well. Amy does not like the way Wheaton talks to her and demands that Sheldon defends her. Sheldon tries to explain Wheaton’s importance, but Amy does not get it and responds sarcastically that she should leave and Sheldon should have dinner with Wheaton instead. Sheldon, of course, misses the sarcasm and agrees.

He comes home from dinner and Leonard has to explain to him that Amy is probably mad at him. Sheldon calls Amy to disprove this, but she confirms it. Sheldon ends up at the Cheesecake Factory (since this is the equivalent of the crew’s local pub) sitting at the bar with Penny bartending. He asks for something relaxing to drink, but since chamomile tea is not enough Penny gives him Long Island ice tea, which he does not know is not actually tea. He drink a number of them, becoming drunker and more Texan until he decides to go fight Will Wheaton for Amy’s honor. He shows up, Wheaton apologizes instead of fighting the drunken Sheldon and Sheldon throws up in his bushes. The episode ends with LeVar Burton taking Wheaton’s place as a guest on Fun with Flags and Amy pulls the same directors attitude. Sheldon explains to Burton that he thinks he is doing great, but Amy is his girlfriend, so he has to side with her.

While this is all going on, Howard and Bernadette are arguing about their living arrangements. They have had dinner with Howard’s mother yet again and Howard suggests they just stay there for the night. Bernadette complains that they stay there half of each week, so Howard agrees to go home, but first he has to get some clean shirts. While this is happening, Howard’s mother yells up about laundry and Howard agrees that that he needs to move his stuff out to the apartment. However, it is not as easy as that and he keeps making excuses for why cannot.

While they are having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Penny tells Bernadette that she does not believe Howard will ever move his things and Bernadette agrees. Howard give an impressive and entertaining speech about them not pushing him, but as soon as Penny leaves he says that whole speech was to save face in front of Penny and to please not leave him. He then packs up all his stuff with Leonard and Raj’s help and moves it into the apartment. Howard and Bernadette sit down and he tells her about why he originally learned magic tricks. He wanted to entertain his mother after her father left and for the few minutes he was doing the tricks she would not be lonely anymore. Bernadette then drags him out to go sleep at his mother’s house because (said in her “Howard’s mother’s voice”) no husband of hers is breaking his mother’s heart.

As usual, this episode was a lot of fun. Nothing truly spectacular or interesting happened, but for an episode with no major plot moving points it was great. It certainly did not have any bits I was as frustrated with as the ending of the last episode! I also enjoy any episode with Will Wheaton in it. Especially since the first shirt he is wearing is from the Guild (a web series by Felicia Day which he is in). Definitely an episode worth watching, but it is unlikely to confuse anyone who has missed it. Now I just hope they have more Raj next week!



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