'The Big Bang Theory' recap - The Holographic Excitation

By Tori Kronz,
Howard in Space, Sexy Science and Couples Costumes

This episode focuses on Howard after his return from space and the group’s Halloween plans.

The episode opens with Howard giving Stewart, the comic book store owner, a signed copy of his NASA portrait, which he has also given to a number of other business he frequents, such as the dry cleaner and Walgreens. When this happens Stewart is decorating for the shop’s Halloween party, which Raj offers to decorate, since he has a skill for it (as seen in Bernadette and Howard’s wedding). This leads to Howard turning the conversation back to his having been in space and Leonard proposes a hypothesis that Howard can do this with any topic. Sheldon and Leonard test this theory and sure enough, he can do it, even when the topic is lemons.

The atom transition then leads us to Amy and Bernadette having a lady’s night with Penny while she bar tends at the Cheesecake Factory. Amy and Bernadette give Penny advice on how to improve her relationship with Leonard, which eventually boils down to taking an interest in his work. Penny decides to go see Leonard’s lab and he shows her the holograms he can make. He gives a pretty amazing explanation of what he is doing and some of the theories related to it, which inspires Penny to lock the door and tell Leonard to take his clothes off.

Amy and Sheldon, on the other hand, are discussing Halloween costumes for the party. Amy wants to do a couple’s costume, since it is one of the few ways she can prove Sheldon is real, and Sheldon surprisingly agrees. Apparently, a couple’s costume is one of the very few benefits to actually being in a couple. Sheldon wants to be C-3PO and R2-D2. Amy, since she is not a fan of Star Wars, really does not want to do this. She proposes Raggedy Anne and Andy.

While all this is going on, Howard is still bringing up his trip to space whenever he can, even in bed with Bernadette. She finally has enough of it and tells him to cut it out, he is annoying everyone. He is clearly disappointed, but agrees to stop. At lunch the next day, he gets snippy with Raj and Leonard, since he wants to bring up his space travel, but cannot. Raj is also bouncing ideas for the party off of the guys, such as his pun-y menu and whether or not to get a TARDIS photo booth. Then it is finally time for the party. Bernadette and Howard are Smurfette and Poppa Smurf. Leonard is Albert Einstein and Penny is a sexy cop. Amy and Sheldon, with an appropriate reveal, are Raggedy Anne and Raggedy C3-PO. During the party, Howard still cannot stop talking about space because he does not want to be normal anymore, so Bernadette drags him to the back (where Penny and Leonard come out of the TARDIS rumpled, since Leonard was explaining scientific theories to her). She then proceeds to give him one of those sweet speeches about how he cannot be normal, since she married him.

The episode basically ends there, but there is the last joke before the credits. Howard and Bernadette are in bed when Howard gets an e-mail from Raj. It is a video of Buzz Aldrin giving candy to Trick-or-Treaters and telling them all he was in space. This, of course, finally convinces Howard that he does not have to constantly talk about his being an astronaut.

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