Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera,

This past Sunday's episode of Boardwalk Empire was far less slow- paced than others, and filled with exciting new happenings.

The episode begins with Gillian at the cremation ceremony for Jimmy's doppelgänger. Richard Harrow is also there, but is not at all pleased. When Gillian asks him to say a few words, he simply replies that "Jimmy deserved better than this." Gillian is now finally attempting to acknowledge what is reality and we see her in this episode trying to regain financial independence for the sake of the only family she has, her grandson Tommy.

Nucky hears of the death notice put in the paper and is immediately confused, since we all know he killed Jimmy last season. He decides to go and pay his condolences to Gillian at the Artemis Club. An exciting revelation is that Gillian in fact knows he killed her son and she throws a drink in his face, angrily demanding why he came to lie to her face, acting like he was grieving like she was. He then fires back at her and tells her she only exists in the town because he lets her.

Nucky's legal troubles seem to be getting better. In order to resist being indicted, Nucky comes up with a plan to make a compromise with Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. Since they both have issues with Harry Dougherty, Nucky offers to run Mellon's still for him if he arrests Remus, which Mellon agrees to.

Ironically, Van Alden is now distilling alcohol for the man he saved, O'Banion. Van Alden also has a another incident at work. This time he gets frustrated with his coworkers who constantly mock and give him a hard time. Van Alden decides to take matters into his own hands and after a mock demonstration of sales pitches with another annoying salesman, he burned him with an iron on the face.

When he gets home, he tells his wife they must pack there things and go. Sigrid is a smart woman, she calms him down and offers him a new proposition. They will make what O'Banion has asked of them and use the extra alcohol to sell at the Norwegian Independence Parade nearby to make some extra cash.

Also Capone and Torrio, fresh from a vacation in Naples, have a new understanding. Capone tells him of the rift between O'Banion and himself, but Torrio is more concerned with living the carefree life, like in Italy.

Margaret and Nucky are in the process of finding Emily a pony. Margaret goes to the farm her Irish lover. While looking at the pony they reminisce about life in Ireland. It begins to rain and they pass the time steaming up the car.

Margaret also is having more success at the women's health class, though with a bit of controversy. Mrs. Shearer, who started Margaret's new venture with her miscarriage at the hospital has finally come to the class, but to ask Margaret to help her attain a diaphragm. She tells Margaret she induced the miscarriage herself, she has seven children at home, and although her husband wants more and won't leaver her alone, she doesn't want any more. Since this is so controversial, she has to ask Dr. Mason in private and Margaret even dares to ask him for one for herself.

In New York, Billie auditions for a movie and meets another handsome fellow actor. She gets the part in a movie, ironically about a gangster and a showgirl. One night while Nucky was coming to surprise her with a visit, he catches her in a flirty moment. Nucky is furious and punches the guy pretty hard. Billie and Nucky argue about how she does not need him to take care of her and that he is acting like a father more than a lover. He also makes her feel as if he does not believe in her acting ability. She tells him she just wants him to be his gangster.

As we head back to the boardwalk in A.C. Gyp Rosetti makes a visit to the Artemis Club where Gillian tells him Nucky will be dining at the Babette's Supper Club that evening and she thought he would like to know.

Billie now dons a platinum blonde wig, because she feels like being someone else. Nucky gives her an annuity, which she refuses. Nucky tells her that she will no longer have to worry about money for the rest of her life. She eventually accepts the offer. Nucky takes her back to New Jersey for a night on the town, with him Luciano and Rothstein. As they walk on the boardwalk, Nucky get stopped. Luciano and Rothstein hang back, so Billie continues to the door of the restaurant. As she looks back at Nucky, he is fixated on her for a few seconds, and then there is a huge explosion inside the restaurant. Nucky covered in blood and soot awakes and looks to see if Billie is there, but sees nothing but chaos on the boardwalk and collapses again.



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