Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo suspended

By Jassum Gloster,

Rajon Rondo, a point guard for the Boston Celtics, was suspended for two games for an on-court melee between he and Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries. The Celtics ended up losing that game 95-83, but the fight overshadowed the win.

The whole incident occurred when Celtics’ Kevin Garnett was driving through the lane for a layup when Humphries fouled him in mid-air causing Garnett to fall while off-balance.

In an interview ESPN reported that Rondo said, “I was sticking for my teammates. I didn’t try to start a fight. I’m not trying to be a bully. I just didn’t think the play was fair that he made on Kevin (Garnett), that’s all.” Nets’ Gerald Wallace was fined $35,000 and Garnett was fined $25,000 for intensifying the fight.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Rondo, along with missing Friday’s game at Portland and Sunday’s game in Milwaukee, will also have $200,000 taken out of his paycheck.

The NBA is pretty consistent with their punishments for physical altercations between players, so Rondo should have known the consequences.



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