Bradley Cooper talks to Matt Lauer about his last official day of being People's Sexiest Man Alive (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

On Wednesday, a new Sexiest Man Alive will be announced by People magazine, ending Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper’s one-year reign.

The actor appeared on the Today Show on Tuesday, where he talked to Matt Lauer about how he will spend his last hours in the coveted title, which was once taken by George Clooney, Brad Pitt and many others.

"This is a very important day in your life for another reason. This is the last official day of your reign unless you somehow repeat," Lauer told Cooper on the show this morning, E! Online reports.

"You know, I was talking to Bloomberg last night, and I said, 'How can I pull this off?'" Cooper laughed. "I said, 'Teach me, oh wise one.'"

So how will he spend his last hours as the Sexiest Man Alive?

“I think it was instituted back with [George] Clooney, but there's a whole decompression you go through," Cooper joked. "After this, I get whisked away to somewhere in Wisconsin, and they talk me down for about a week."

"Somehow I don't think it's you alone in this room," Lauer said, with Cooper adding, "I think Matt Damon runs it now.”
We will have to wait until tomorrow’s announcement to see who will dethrone Cooper, but rumor has it that it’s Magic Mike star Channing Tatum.

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image courtesy of People



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