'Breaking Amish,' the truth

By Lauren Mangeri,

Two of the stars on TLC’s show, Breaking Amish, Abe and Rebecca have been talking about who is the father of her 19-month old daughter.

Rebecca admitted to being married before she met Abe on the show and even Abe was shocked.

Reality TV Magazine reports that Rebecca admits she was not with her ex-husband when she found out she was pregnant.

A friend of Rebecca’s, Shannon Edwards surfaced photographs of Rebecca to back up her claim that Rebecca and Abe were together. There was a photo of them together before Rebecca got her teeth fixed. The two had been living in a trailer in 2010 behind Edwards’ home.

The photo, Today says could be confirmation of the claim Abe could be the father. Rebecca and Abe are now married. They allegedly did not start dating until the show aired.

Abe would not comment on the matter when asked if he was the father, he claimed it was a personal matter.

The constant question of who the father is is still going on. The part two of the reunion will be on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m. and maybe it will answer this question.



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