Cee Lo Green allegedly admits to slipping woman Ecstasy

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

More details are beginning to unravel in the Cee Lo Green sexual battery scandal, with a secretly taped conversation between the victim and the singer/Voice coach who allegedly admitted to slipping the young woman the drug Ecstasy.

TMZ reports that Green took the unidentified woman to an L.A. restaurant in July where the two had a drink together. From there, the woman does not remember a thing.

After she reported the incident, which was transferred to the LAPD, authorities had her call Cee Lo in order to “bait” him into admitting the wrongful act. The conversation was recorded.

According to the report, Cee Lo continuously references the use of the drug, but does not admit to slipping the drug in her drink. The singer is reportedly insistent that he thought the drug would help them enjoy each other’s company. However, Green’s team refutes if such admissions were true, he would be under arrest and questioned immediately.

News of the scandal broke yesterday. Police went to the alleged restaurant to question the staff to piece together if anyone saw any actions that may be deemed out of sorts.

TMZ notes that the victim first went to a civil lawyer to demand money from Green and that she would make the incident “go away.” Other sources are claiming that she called Cee Lo’s manager to question if the singer had any diseases.

The incident is still under investigation.



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