Celebs react to President Barack Obama’s re-election

By Mallory Hatten,

Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as President of the United States Tuesday night, beating out Republican candidate Mitt Romney with a majority of the electoral votes. Whether they agreed or disagreed with the election results, celebrities shared their thoughts, joys and disappointments via Twitter. Check out what your favorite stars had to say about our returning commander-in-chief.

Denzel Washington: “Obama won Massachusetts the state where Romney was Governor. If they didn't vote for him, that should tell you something. #Swerve”

Jessica Alba: “Woohoo! Congrats President @BarackObama & 2 all the Americans who made their voices known & heard! I love our great country & our Democracy!”

Ricky Martin: “Mitt Remember that 47%? #4moreyears”

Olivia Wilde: “AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard! Young people! You proved them wrong! Tireless Obama volunteers! I THANK YOU!”

Nicole Richie: "We did it America!!!!! #OBAMA”

Donald Trump: "Our nation is a once great nation divided!...The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy...Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years...stay strong and never give up!...This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!"

Katy Perry: "DONE AND DUSTED!!!"

Neil Patrick Harris: "Yahoooo! FOUR MORE YEARS!"

Stacey Dash: "Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan. You fought the Good Fight and I am proud!"

LL Cool J: "Don't call it a comeback he's been here 4 years.”

Queen Latifah: “Couldn't be more Proud of my Country...Congratulations Mr. President!!! Now let's get back to being "These United States of America"!!!”

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