Channing Tatum dubbed 'Sexiest Man Alive'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum has taken the coveted award of being People Magazine’s 2012 “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“My first thought was, 'Y'all are messing with me,” Tatum gushes to People. He adds, “I told Jenna after we'd been in the bathtub washing our dogs because they'd gotten skunked…She was like, 'What?'"

So how does Tatum’s wife, actress Jeanna Dawan-Tatum, feel about her husband being dubbed with the sexiest title of the year?

"Yeah, she calls me [the Sexiest Man Alive] now,” he laughs.

From The Vow to this year’s Magic Mike where women sat drooling in their chair at Tatum’s chiseled body, next up for the hunky 32-year-old is G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Side Effects, White House Down, Foxcatcher and a sequel to the hit 21 Jump Street. Perhaps after filming, then Tatum will take on the role of “dad.”

He explains, “I'm ready; I think she's ready. The first number that pops into my head is three, but I just want one to be healthy and then we'll see where we go after that."

"It’s really easy for us guys to say, 'I want like 15 kids,'" he continues. "Jenna will be like, 'Well you better get another wife!'"

image credit: People



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