Charlie Chaplin bowler hat and cane sell for over $60,000 at memorabilia auction

By Daniel S Levine,

Several iconic pieces of Hollywood memorabilia hit the auction block at Bonhams Sunday, but the highlight was a bowler hat and cane used by Charlie Chaplin. The lot exceeded expectations, selling for over $60,000.

According to The Telegraph, Bonhams predicted that the lot would go for between $40,000 and $60,000. Instead, it went for $62,500.

The bamboo cane includes the inscription “CCLT 36,” referencing Chaplin’s iconic “Little Tramp” character. Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” outfit included the cane, his bowler hat, large pants and shoes and a torn suit. The “Little Tramp” is still one of the most recognizable film characters in the world. Chaplin played the “Little Tramp” in countless shorts as well as his most loved films, City Lights and Modern Times.

Bonhams specialist Lucy Carr told Reuters that it is not known how many of Chaplin’s canes and hats still exist, but these came from a collection with a link to Chaplin himself.

In 2006, a bowler hat and cane Chaplin used in The Great Dictator sold for $140,000.

Other important Hollywood items sold during the auction include paintings by Frank Sinatra. One sold for $10,625. A set of Marilyn Monroe photographs went for $21,250. An original Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz and a wicker chair used in Casablanca were also sold.

A John Lennon letter with a drawing of his famous nude Two Virgins cover sold for $25,000.



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