Chris Hemsworth lands lead role in ‘Candy Store’ crime thriller

By Daniel S Levine,

Chris Hemsworth is certainly not slowing down. The latest project the Avengers star has been attached to is Candy Store, a crime thriller from the Oscar-winning writer of Traffic, Stephen Gaghan.

A rep for the production first told The Wrap about the casting on Tuesday. The plot centers on an elite operative who falls from grace and retreats to Brooklyn. He lands a job as a cop, only to find out that the global organization he was dedicated to stopping is based near his home.

Gaghan is writing, directing and producing the project. Alli Shearmur is co-producing.

Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington were all reportedly offered roles in the film.

According to Indiewire, there has been no start date set for the production, but it will likely have to be filmed between Thor 2 and Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse.

Hemsworth has also been offered to star as the iconic actor Steve McQueen in Triumph and American Assassin. However, last week, he cited his busy schedule as the reason for having to drop out of American Assassin, Deadline reported.

He also stars in Ron Howard’s upcoming racing film Rush.

Gaghan recently wrote Another Earth and 2005’s Syriana.



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