Chris Rock sends message to white people: ‘Barack Obama is the president you can trust.’

By Mallory Hatten,

Comedian Chris Rock delivered a special message to white viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night, declaring that President Barack Obama is the only man we can trust for the job – because he’s white?

E! News reports that Rock pulled together some hilarious data that proves why President Obama could be considered a white man.

A few of the funny man’s reasons include: Obama was raised by white grandparents, likes the sports of golf, bowling and body surfing, as well as his apparent love for mom jeans. But Rock’s biggest reason is the fact that Obama was once nicknamed Barry, which is “the third whitest named on Earth.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the reason Rock felt the need to relay this message to white voters is because he wants people to realize that voting against Obama because he’s too Black is absurd.

A recent poll shows Mr. President 23 points behind Mitt Romney with white voters, but leading the non-white communities with nearly 80% of their support.

Check out Rock’s hilarious PSA-style message below.

Photo Courtesy of Twitpic.com



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