'The Colbert Report' recap - 11/1/12

By Tricia Williams,

On the November 1 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reported on the latest Hurricane Sandy events, discussed Mitt Romney’s newfound friendship with Reverend Billy Graham and interviewed David Byrne and St. Vincent about their new album, “Love This Giant.”

Colbert started the show by acknowledging that Hurricane Sandy has affected everyone. He said that even he has been affected, but he did also admit that he still had power in his office, home, his other home, as well as gas, heat and phone service. However, due to Mayor Bloomberg’s traffic restrictions on Manhattan bridges and tunnels, Colbert had to suffer through the public bus system on his way to work that morning. And in order to get the subways running again, Colbert suggested throwing a few ShamWows down there to dry them up, crying out, “We have the technology!”

Colbert then moved on to one of his well-known segments, “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger.” Colbert started the segment by talking about the wonders of the modern iPhone, and he took a panoramic picture of his studio audience with his iPhone 5 to demonstrate. He then said that it is so easy now, but when he was a kid they “had to duct tape a Polaroid camera to our rotary phone.” Colbert then ‘tipped his hat’ to a Swedish camera company that has invented a wearable camera that will take pictures every 30 seconds in order to “capture more of life’s little moments.” Colbert also reported that Reverend Billy Graham, who has been a religious advisor to many previous presidents, had previously declared Mormonism a cult on his website. However, when Mitt Romney asked him to be his own religious advisor, Graham promptly took the declamation down from his website so Colbert gave Graham a big ‘tip of the hat’ for the hasty reversal.

Colbert then moved over to an interview with musical guests, David Byrne and St. Vincent. The two guests related that they did not have any power or running water in the area of New York City that they lived in so Colbert joked that the three of them could go shower together in his office and set up a web cam in order to raise money for hurricane victims. Cobert also promoted the new album that the two artists collaborated on, which is called “Love This Giant.” The two guests then performed a new song from the album.



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