Country singer Sammy Kershaw doing OK after car accident

By Daniel S Levine,

Country singer Sammy Kershaw is doing well after being involved in a car accident Friday in Nacona, Texas.

According to Country Weekly, Kershaw and his touring crew were on the highway when the bus was hit by a passenger vehicle that was moving at high speeds. While the driver of the car was taken to the hospital, Kershaw and his crew were unharmed.

“My guys and I are a little sore today… the third day is always the worst,” Kershaw said in a statement to Great American Country. “Eleven people were involved in the accident and no one was killed. It could have gone the other way. Buses and cars can be replaced but people can’t. I’m so thankful that the other driver, my band and crew are all still here. We had a guardian angel.”

His manager, Michael Henderson, also told E! News, “It was just a car accident. No one got hurt.”

The 54-year-old Kershaw is best known for hits like “She Don't Know She's Beautiful,” “Third Rate Romance” and “Cadillac Style.”

He said that he will not have to cancel any shows because of the accident, although he will have to find a new form of transportation since the bus will have to be repaired. The Louisiana musician’s next gig is scheduled for Cambridge, Maryland on Friday.



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