‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: Quicksand

By Freda Eang,

Annie is in hot waters again this week as Khalid’s men are out to kill her. By faking Megan’s death, Khalid was able to lure Annie across the world to Luxembourg and with Auggie off in Iraq; the only other person that can save her is Eyal. After their falling out in last week’s episode, Eyal was surprised to get a call from Annie, but immediately forms an escape plan for her upon hearing that she’s in danger. Eyal meets up with her and the two of them work out a plan to locate Khalid, but to make it successful they need a large amount of money.

Annie is hesitant to call the CIA as she’s not even supposed to be on the other side of the world, but she decides to call Joan after finding out that Eyal quit Mossad. With the money from Joan, Annie and Eyal are able to go into the elite clubhouse where Khalid and his father frequent. The two plan to track the courier in order to find Khalid, which happens to be Megan. Annie attempts to save Megan from Khalid, but Megan persistently tells Annie that there’s nothing to worry about.

Shortly afterwards, Megan is found dead. Annie and Eyal flee the scene by returning to their safe house, but Khalid’s men soon appear. Being too many levels high, Annie tells Eyal that they’re cornered. Without a word, Eyal locks Annie outside of the safe house and gives himself to Khalid’s men. Annie was able to escape, but she doesn’t return home. She instead follows Eyal’s tracker, which ends up on the back of a hidden cell phone. The phone continuously rings, with Annie picking it up at the end of the episode.

Final Thoughts: This week’s episode was definitely Annie driven. She proves once again how capable she is as an agent, but I do fear of what can happen in the season finale. With Eyal taken hostage, the situation can end rather tragically as Khalid seems like a very powerful man that one should not mess with. I just hope the only death we’ll be seeing next week is Khalid’s. Other than that, I can’t wait for Auggie’s confession scene. I think the Auggie/Annie relation will be the main focus of next season. Predictions of the finale anyone?

Covert Affairs currently airs Tuesdays at 10pm on USA.



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