'The Daily Show' recap 11/12/12

By Tori Kronz,
Petraeus and Mike Huckabee

The November 12 episode of The Daily Show talked about David Petraeus’ affair and the guest is Mike Huckabee.

Jon Stewart starts the show like has the last few with some talk about the devastation still needing to be cleaned up after Hurricane Sandy. He says that a lot of the areas most harshly effected are those where many of the first responders, fire fighters and such, live. He gives information on donating and says that the best a person can do is show up and help, but money is always helpful, too.

Stewart then moves on to talking about retired Gender and CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair, which lead him to retiring. Stewart hopes for a Bond-esque affair, complete with dramatics, spying and car chases. What he gets is an affair discovered through questionable e-mails. He is rather disappointed. He then shows clips of when Paula Broadwell, the women Petraeus had an affair with and his biographer, was on the show. It is full of what Stewart now sees as innuendo, including the title of the biography, “All In.” This segment concludes with a brief discussion of the news’ suspicion about when this story broke, which was the day after the election. They are wondering who kept it quiet and if it was in order to benefit President Obama. However, a Republican was the first one to know about it in October, but still did not release the information.

The guest for this episode is Mike Huckabee promoting his book, Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most. They barely talk about the book. This only lasts long enough for Stewart to make a joke about children loving reading letter from their grandparents. They then move on to the Republican party’s efforts to secure African American voters, depictions of Christians and gay marriage. It is a really interesting discussion between two men who are clearly not going to see eye to eye, which Huckabee outright says at the end. They are very polite and, unlike a lot of discussion between two men who are so opposite, it was really enjoyable. There were some tense and frustrating moments. These are always the moments, though, that seem most important to watch, since they are likely to be the ones that challenge my own views.

I definitely recommend watching the interview, the extended version online. The rest of the episode can be skipped, really. Just keep in mind that anything you can do for Hurricane Sandy relief will be immensely helpful.



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