'The Daily Show' recap 11/13/12

By Tori Kronz,
Job Creators, the Military and Jason Sudakis

The November 12, 2012 episode of the Daily Show talks about the Petraeus sex scandal and Jason Sudakis is the guest.

The episode starts with Jon Stewart talking about some of the reactions after the election. He starts with some people wanting to secede from the union. Clearly something Stewart does not take seriously, if we can trust the clip from Willy Wonka that he uses. He does not spend long on this and moves on to “job creator” reactions to the election. A number of these individuals have said they would have to lay people off or reduce hours to save money on health insurance. He gives the example of Robert E. Murray, CEO of Murray Energy. He said before the election he would have to let people go if President Obama won. However, he started doing this before the ballots were all counted. Stewart also gives the example of Papa John's saying they would have to cut hours, too. Stewart then talks to “job creators” at camera three. He tells them to own up to their decisions. They are not being forced to do anything. If they had used their clout differently, then a number of Obama’s goals would have been reached that would have helped their businesses. He tells them to be more responsible.

They then move on to discussing the Petraeus sex scandal. Stewart walks the viewer through it and how it has spread. It now involves five people, including the FBI agent who started the investigation. John Oliver then comes on as the senior military correspondent. Oliver says that simple firings are not enough to prevent future problems. Oliver says that they have to remove heterosexuals from the military, since they cannot keep it in their pants. Oliver says that traditional armies were always gay, using 300 as an example. Stewart asks who would replace the heterosexuals, robots? Oliver is horrified, since robots are even worse. He then shows a photograph of his roombas in a compromising position.

Jason Sudakis is the guest in this episode, to talk about Saturday Night Live. They talk about how he plays both Mitt Romney and Vice President Joe Biden, so he was set no matter who won. They then discuss how SNL handled Romney and Biden and the great people behind the scenes who work make-up, sets and costuming. It is an interesting interview, but I am a huge fan of Sudakis and SNL, so I might be biased. I think it is really interesting to hear about the behind the scenes stuff.

I enjoyed this episode and definitely recommend it to fans of either The Daily Show or SNL.



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