'The Daily Show' recap 11/14/12

By Tori Kronz,
Women Voters, BBC Scandals and Jon Meacham

In the November 14 episode of The Daily Show, Stewart talks about women voters, journalism scandals and the guest is Jon Meacham.

Jon Stewart begins the episode by correcting a mistake he made while talking to Jason Sudakis in the episode the night before. It is possible that, in a very rare and unlikely circumstance, for the vice presidential candidate of one party and the presidential candidate from the other could be elected. Therefore, it could have been possible for Jason Sudakis to play both the president and the vice president (Mitt Romney and Joe Biden).

The first major topic of the episode is how women voted in the presidential election and how the news, I think specifically the conservative news, explained it. It starts with them saying the married women tended to vote for Governor Mitt Romney and single women tended to vote for President Barack Obama. The reasons they gave for married women was that they were thinking about the future and their children. As for single women, they were clearly single-issue voters only concerned with reproductive issues, specifically birth control and abortions. Stewart then brings in Kristen Shaw, the Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent. This segment was beautifully sarcastic and amazing. Shaw got married over the summer, so now her perspective has changed from the wild and selfish single woman to the responsible and forward thinking married woman. It is hard to really give a thorough recap of this segment, because there were so many parts and layers to it. I really think everyone should watch this part.

The second segment was a discussion of British journalism’s recent scandals. Stewart says that British journalism used to be the example of journalism, but the recent phone tapping scandals have really knocked it down. However, that scandal could be laid at the feet of one man. This new one does not come with that benefit. A hugely popular BBC television personality, called by one reporter the British Dick Clark, has recently been revealed to be one of the more prolific sex offenders, specifically pedophilia, in Britain. Sir Jimmy Savile had a children’s television show where he read letters from kids and granted their wishes. If it were not bad enough that the BBC missed this for so many years, at one point they had a story about Savile’s offences and it was put aside in favor of a story about his accomplishments. This, of course, is raising questions about a possible cover up. The big concern for American reporters, though, is that the BBC director that would have been in charge of this issue is now going to be in charge of the New York Times.

The guest for this episode has very little to do with the rest of the topics. Jon Meacham is on the show promoting his new book, Thomas Jefferson: the Art of Power. They spend most of the interview talking about Jefferson’s life and politics and how he might view modern politics. This is a really interesting interview with some great tidbits about Thomas Jefferson. Not much to really cover here, other than that Mecham shared some awesome insults Jefferson lobbed at some of his opponents. This was one of the best episodes I have seen in awhile and I think it should all be up hill from here after the election. If anyone has been avoiding the show because of the focus on election news, now is definitely the time to jump back in.

If you watch nothing else, though, check out the Kristen Shaw clip I linked to above. It is Daily Show sarcasm at its best!



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