'The Daily Show' recap 11/15/12

By Tori Kronz,
Changing America, Super Majorities and Judge Napolitano

The November 15, 2012 episode discusses Mitt Romney, a gridlocked Congress and the guest is Judge Andrew Napolitano.

The episode starts with Jon Stewart talking about the discussion of Mitt Romney’s loss. Romney blamed his loss on the same people he discussed in the 47 percent tape. He said that the voters were bought with free things, healthcare and school loan help. Stewart then moves on to the coverage this topic gets from the conservative media. He mostly shows clips of Bill O’Reilly talking about how traditional America is gone, since the demographic is changing. Then Stewart starts a very well done history lesson. He says that this has always been how America works. People immigrate, are treated poorly, climb the social later and treat the next group of immigrants poorly. Stewart then says that O’Reilly has clearly forgotten the 19th century, when Irish immigrants were treated poorly and said to be ruining America’s morality. This, according to Stewart, demonstrates the vitality of America, not its downfall.

The next segment is Al Madrigal talking about the gridlocked congress. It starts with him talking to the man in charge of No Labels, which is a movement proposing a 12 step plan to prevent gridlocks. Al Madrigal falls asleep while the twelve points (which actually sound like they might be good ideas) are being lists and then runs off to show the man the magical land of no gridlock. This magical land is Arizona, where republicans have a super majority. Madrigal explains a super majority as the same as a regular majority but with the super power to not see other groups. Madrigal then sits down with a man who tells him about the things that Arizona has passed with its super majority, such as doctors not having to tell women about their fetus’ birth defects. Madrigal then goes through different extreme scenarios that could happen if there was a super majority at the federal level and ultimately decides that the gridlock is better than being Arizona.

The guest for this episode is Judge Andrew Napolitano promoting his book, Theodore and Wilson: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom. Napolitano and Stewart spend the interview talking about the book tangentially, since they are talking about Napolitano’s view on how the constitution is being ignored. It is kind of a frustrating interview, which did not surprise men since early one Napolitano says, “There is this thing called the constitution.” I hate it when the guests talk to Stewart like this, since they are treating him like an idiot. That is no way to hold a debate or conversation. The rest is kind of interesting, but Napolitano is kind a jerk the whole time. They do start talking about the Patraeus scandal, and how Napolitano does not think it should have been a concern, but most of that is in the extra parts of the interview that are only online.



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