'The Daily Show' recap - 11/26/12

By Tori Kronz,
The Gaza Strip and David Nasaw

The November 26, 2012 episode of The Daily Show was about the trouble on the Gaza Strip and the guest is David Nasaw.

The episode starts with Jon Stewart talking about The Daily Show’s Thanksgiving break with a faux-rant about his family. He then describes how he likes Black Friday, because it allows him to release the pent up rage about his family on strangers. Stewart then moves on to talk about the violence that broke out (again) in the Gaza Strip over the break. He shows some coverage the news has done and then a clip of Anderson Cooper filming when something explodes. Stewart then demands that someone keep Cooper away from the danger zones for once. Perhaps trick him by saying there is a tornado near a knife store or something.

Stewart then tries to name the segment something along the lines of “Conflict in the Gaza Strip” and goes through a few alterations. He eventually ends with “Conflict in the Gosling Stripped” when the crowd goes wild for a picture of Ryan Gosling without a shirt. Stewart then moves on to talk about the actual conflict. He traces back what started this particular bought of violence through various back and forth relations until seemingly the beginning of time. One difference this time, Stewart says, is Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense, which proved effective. They have reached a ceasefire and the news is now insisting on talking about who won. Everyone is saying a different set of people and Stewart insists the real answer is no one.

Stewart then says that there is one person who can settle this and asks God to meet him at camera three. He is shocked that God actually shows up (an extra light is shined on Stewart’s face from behind he camera). He then starts apologizing to God about some of his transgressions, especially masturbation. He then yells at God for not helping us with any of the recent problems, like the violence in Israel, famines, diseases or storms. When asked why, God shows a clip of a football game.

The guest in this episode is David Nasaw promoting his book, The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy. They spend the whole interview actually talking about Kennedy’s life and what he accomplished. They were some pretty interesting tidbits. If you are at all historically minded, it is probably worth checking out the extended interview.

Overall, the episode was okay, but not as good as some of the recent ones. To be fair, though, it is probably difficult to make something like this violence funny. It is more frustrating than anything else and that is what Stewart plays up to make the humor.



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