'The Daily Show' recap 11/5/12

By Tori Kronz,
Presidential Campaigns and Martha Raddatz

The November 5 episode of The Daily Show looks more at the election both nationally and in middle schools and the guest is Martha Raddatz.

The episode starts with Jon Stewart showing footage of marathon runners cleaning up storm damage, since the marathon was canceled. He then moves on to the presidential campaigns in the last days before the election. Stewart describes what they are doing as speed dating; they are hoping around the important states and giving speeches.

He them introduces Jessica Willliams and Aasif Mandvi who are with the candidates. Williams, who is with Obama, has the back drop of a huge concert/party. People are rocking out and having a good time. Mandvi, however, is with the Romney campaign. According to Mandvi, Romney is talking about what will happen if President Obama gets re-elected, which is an apocalyptic scenario where Cthulu rises from the sea and destroys the cities. There is even ominous music playing from nowhere. As usual, Stewart also discusses what predictions the pundits are making. These predictions are, of course, all over the map and Stewart comments that a pundit making an incorrect prediction never has to face consequences or an evaluation of their predictions’ record.

The show then moves on to the conclusion of the three part series about the middle school presidential election. John Oliver and Jason Jones are each preparing their candidates for the debate. In preparation, Oliver focus groups words to find one for his candidate to use repeatedly. They settle on “nachos.” Jones, however, is looking for a celebrity endorsement. He tries to find an actor who played a super hero and ends up getting Billy Zane from The Phantom. Zane then pulls out a chair during his endorsement and starts talking to it like Clint Eastwood did during the Republican convention. The segment ends with Stewart talking to the two kids in the studio. Oliver and Jones and rise up behind them and continue to tell them what to say.

The guest for this episode is Martha Raddatz, the journalist who moderated the vice presidential debate. They start talking about the storm and the damage in D.C. versus the damage in New York and New Jersey. They quickly move on, though, to discussing the vice presidential debate, how she did moderating it and her preparations for it. It was an interesting look at journalistic methods. Stewart then moves the conversation on to why journalists end up losing sight of being a journalist and Raddatz coverage of the wars. She then expresses her sadness that the war in Afghanistan is so rarely covered and the tension between telling stories the audience is interested in and the ones she thinks are important.

Overall it was an interesting episode. I enjoyed the conclusion of the middle school campaign, but the rest of the coverage felt more like place filler until the election night live coverage. Raddatz was interesting and I recommend watching the interview if you do not want to watch the whole episode.



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