'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Recap - Week 10 Performances

By Michael Pascua,
How will the supersized freestyle affect the judge's scores?

Three outstanding women made it to the finale and for the Monday performance they performed their favorite dance and a super-sized freestyle. Interestingly, everyone's "favorite" dance came from week three. For the freestyle, the celebrities got to do everything they possibly could to make the performance amazing.

Round One: Favorite Dances

Kelly & Val - Paso Doble - The two were excited to make it into the finals without ever getting a 10. The two decided to pick the Paso because Val thought it was a great turning point for Kelly; Kelly felt like she was under pressure to make the dance perfect the second time around. Just like the first time, the large silk went across and the two immediately got into the passion of the Paso. Kelly had a lot of passion, but it seemed like there were moments where hands would slip off of Val, but she never lost her timing.

Len thought that this was her best dance. Bruno thought that she was filled with passion and power, but he loved the artistry. Carrie Ann was proud of the performance, even with the minor slip-up. Score: 29.5 (9.5,10,10)

Melissa & Tony - Samba - Melissa was excited to make it to the finals after overcoming a lot of injuries. The two picked the samba in hopes that they could perform better. The two began as intense as they did the first time. There was something oddly frantic at points that I didn't see the first time around, but neither lost timing or anything. It's a shame they never decided to do that final flip that caused so much trouble back in week three.

Bruno thought her technique was great, but her confidence has grown even more. Carrie Ann loved Melissa's abs and confidence. Len loved the party flavor and technique. Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Shawn & Derek - Quickstep - The two were excited to dance, but Shawn was worried about breaking hold. The two decided to keep entertaining instead of being technically flawless. The two began with their strong acrobatics and continued their high energy. Shawn's feet didn't seem as sharp this time around, or her kicks weren't as accurate this time around. I swore that they looked closer together when they danced as they tried to cling on hands at the end.

Carrie Ann knew it was a fan favorite, she still thought breaking the rules wasn't the best. Len thought the body contact was better, but they still broke hold. Bruno knows how the two pushed boundaries, but his score was bound by the rules. Score: 27 (9,8.5,9.5)

Round Two: Super-sized Freestyle

Kelly & Val - Val arranged the music and hoped that the two could do aerial stunts. Kelly opened with aerial work and Val doing violin playing. They decided to dance to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life." Kelly was excited to be dancing with Val the whole experience but hoped it wouldn't end. Kelly began spinning in the air as Val seemed behind on the violin as he played. The choreography came off really chaotic in the beginning and even Kelly looked like she couldn't keep up at first. Val spent a lot of time lifting Kelly instead of doing choreography. I also thought that the troupe was of no help whatsoever. The ending seemed so oddly abrupt.

Len loved the opening and the salsa, even though the performance lacked originality. Bruno loved the interpretation of the dance; the two had great chemistry. Carrie Ann loved the dynamic between the two; she loved the happy ending. Score: 29.5 (10,9.5,10)

Melissa & Tony - Tony wanted a contrasting Samba, the two know that their freestyle back in Season 8 bombed. The two considered doing Contemporary-styled dance. Melissa had a lot of fear as she was upside down the whole time. She second-guessed herself but she needed to go hard. The two began with Melissa being lifted by Tony. The lifts were beautiful, though I wished there was more choreography. I thought some of the choreography, I found to be really cliché, but the lifts compensated by showing where all the risks were taken.

Bruno thought it was the perfect setting for Melissa's extensions and lines. Carrie Ann loved how great the risks were. Len loved the passion of the performance. Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Shawn & Derek - Shawn wanted to have her Olympic moment after she retired from gymnastics. Shawn knew there was a lot of expectation from the two. The Fierce Five arrived to help with choreography and added in their flair. Shawn & Derek began with some incredible lifts. There was some time wasted with transitioning with the Fierce Five. I loved the fact that their performance was a homage to several of their previous performances and the lift and tumble at the end was wonderful.

Carrie Ann thought the performance was supersized. Len thought the whole thing was the two greatest hits; it was a gold-medal performance. Bruno thought the performance was brilliance. Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Final Scores
Melissa & Tony - 60
Kelly & Val - 59
Shawn & Derek - 57



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