Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman reconciling?

By Daniel S Levine,

When Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman announced last month that they were ending their 30-year-marriage, the news shocked Hollywood. However, the couple were recently spotted together at an airport Wednesday morning, leading some sites to speculate if they have reconciled.

TMZ reports that DeVito and Perlman were seen at an airport together. The site notes that their body language was interesting, since as paparazzi began asking questions, Perlman appeared to speed up, separating herself from DeVito. It looks like she wanted to make sure that the photographers could not take a picture of the two together.

The comedians met in the 1970s and married in January 1982. They have three children together.

Last month, they only announced their separation and did not give any further explanation. The news shocked Hollywood, since their marriage was one of the longest-lasting in the business.

“I am devastated to hear about this. They are both good friends and will remain so. I’m just sorry they apparently were unable to overcome whatever issues they had,” one producer told the Chicago Sun-Times last month.

When one actress tweeted that she was saddened by the news, DeVito replied “ditto.”

He also told TMZ that “Everything is good” weeks after the divorce was announced.

DeVito currently stars on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Perlman is best known for her role on the long-running sitcom Cheers.



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