DC Comics now offering e-comics through Apple, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

By Daniel S Levine,

DC Comics fans will be able to read the latest adventures of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman digitally without having to use the comic publisher’s own app. Weekly releases will now be much easier to purchase on Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Book Store beginning Wednesday.

Previously, DC’s issues were only available for purchase on DC’s own app or the ComiXology app, reports the Los Angeles Times. The online stores only had DC’s popular graphic novels available before the new deal.

The new deal also makes DC the first publisher to make weekly single issues available on the major online stores.

“It's not a move [away from Comixology], it's an expansion,” DC Entertainment Senior Vice President of Digital Hank Kanalz told CNet. “My charter is to go as wide as possible, and to expand to as many readers as possible. That's what this is.”

Kanalz explained that 70 titles will be available right away, with back issues added in the coming months.

DC began offering online editions of its comics in September 2011, when it launched the New 52 line. So far in 2012, digital sales are up 197 percent for DC over 2011. Print book sales are also up 12 percent for the Warner Bros.-owned company.

That’s actually an anomaly though and mostly thanks to high-profile reboots and moments like Superman’s kiss with Wonder Woman in an issue of Justice League. DC, Disney’s Marvel and other companies have had to embrace digital comic books, since the industry overall is still in the middle of decline in print sales.



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