Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's divorce still not finalized

By Lauren Mangeri,

The announcement of the divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher took place about a year ago, but as of today, the two are still married.

Divorces do often take awhile to finalize, but add together two Hollywood careers and there can be even more paperwork than usual.

According to Inquisitr, Moore might be mad about Kutcher’s current relationship with Mila Kunis. There have been reports that state that Moore is still upset over the divorce, but there have been speculation otherwise.

The two got married in 2005 and were married for six years. Representatives for both Moore and Kutcher had no comment when asked about why it had been delayed, according to On The Red Carpet.

Aside from their upcoming finalized divorce, Moore had been promoting her and Kutcher’s foundation over the summer. The foundation works to stop sexual exploitation of and abuse of children. Kutcher currently still works on filming episodes of his sitcom Two and a Half Men.

According to California law divorce documents have to be filed in the court in the county where the two have resided for the previous few months.



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