Diane Sawyer responds to rumors she was drunk during election coverage, calls it 'funny'

By Gina DiFalco,

Diane Sawyer has responded to the rumors that she as drunk during election night coverage last night.

While not exactly addressing it head on or denying the rumors, the veteran journalist did take to her Twitter account to comment on it.

"Awe for the @ABC powerhouse team," she first wrote this morning. "Hail the techs who kept us on air...during the 25 minute power outage."

She then moved on to all the chatter about her seemingly drunken appearance last night. "Read your tweets the good, the bad, and the funny. See you on @ABCWorldNews,” she said.

That could mean that she will address it in further detail on the show, but for now, take a look at Gawker’ s video creation of their “Video Evidence of Why Everyone Thought Diane Sawyer Was Shitfaced On Air Last Night.”

There was even a Twitter account created called Drunk Diane Sawyer, which tweeted out “nothig to c here guys im ok d'ont worry abot me.”

image courtesy of Twitter



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