‘Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23’ Recap: It’s A Miracle

By Freda Eang,

Sitting around a dinner table enjoying a nice cooked meal and appreciating what life has to offer is what Thanksgiving is all about, but not if it’s with someone else’s family. June finds herself in a pickle this week as she was forced to spend Thanksgiving with Chloe and her family since she did not have enough funds to fly home.

While over at Chloe’s parents, June pretends to be in a wheelchair due to Chloe’s white lie about June having a horseback riding accident. The day goes by pretty smoothly until June goes crazy during dinner after being ignored by Scott (Chloe’s father) numerous of times. In her little episode, June admits to being the ‘other woman’ which comes as a shock to Karen (Chloe’s mother) because as it turns out, Chloe did not reveal to her mother who her father had a fling with. Placed into an awkward situation, June leaves the house.

Chloe follows suit shortly after, but not before she gets money from her parents to stop living with June. She flaunts her large amount of cash in front of June before handing a handful to her, revealing her true intentions. Chloe knows how much June wants to return home for the holidays, so the handful of money was for her to return home during Christmas. June is surprised at how generous Chloe is, but before she can run over and give her a hug, the two have to make Chloe’s parents believe that it’s over between them. A lovely Thanksgiving episode overall, especially the scene in which James works at a soup kitchen and his jacket is stolen. Any thoughts on the episode?

Don’t Trust the B----in Apt. 23 air every Tuesday at 9:30pm on ABC.



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