‘Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23’ Recap: Sexy People…

By Freda Eang,

Just a day before the big reveal of which man nabbed the coveted ‘Sexist Man Alive’ award for People’s magazine, we get a hilarious episode covering the topic matter in this week’s Don’t Trust the B.

Who knew that small town June and her mother was so obsessed with the award that it makes them rather crazy? While brainstorming with her mom via video chat on which hot guy will rein champion, James walk in and puts his name in the running.

June quickly shoots James down by telling him he’s not sexy enough, which causes James to be upset. He goes over to tell Chloe, who immediately heads over to People’s magazine following the conclusion of his story. She bursts into the room and fires two people without hesitation and goes all out pretending to be a hot shot editor. The next thing you know, she has James on the cover of People’s magazine as the ‘Sexist Man Alive’ and June can’t stop herself from falling head over heels for James. June looked she was put under a spell or something.

After messing with June for most of the episode, James kisses June, which stops her fantasies almost instantly as there was no feel to it whatsoever. The fact is that James and June are friends and they don’t see each other like that. By the closure of the episode, Chloe finds out her cover of James did not get issued as some other dude is on it. Looks like Channing Tatum wins this year James, better luck next time. How did everyone else like the episode? Do you feel that Channing Tatum is deserving of the award this year?

Don’t Trust the B----in Apt. 23 air every Tuesday at 9:30pm on ABC.



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