Drake and Chris Brown will NOT be charged in NYC brawl

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

It’s been months since the public has heard about the massive brawl that took place in a New York City club involving Drake and Chris Brown.

The two were reportedly at the center of the brawl, which began when someone threw a bottle which began the war of words, fits, and glass shattering which injured a number of people, including Tony Parker and model Ingrid Gutierrez.

The club lost its license temporarily and was shut down for a number of days. Now, reports are surfacing stating after all of the madness, neither singer will be charged.

TMZ reports that there is not enough evidence in the incident to move forward with the case, leaving both men off scot-free from the looming charges.

As previously reported, the fight was rumored to be over singer Rihanna, whom both men have been linked to. An amateur video was caught during the fight, but will not be used as evidence in the matter.

The investigation has concluded and the case will be dropped.



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