Family Guy Episode 3: The Old Man and the Big ‘C’

By Luis Vargas,
The cure for cancer is discovered

After a World Series break a new episode of Family Guy returned this past Sunday to bring laughs to its viewership. The episode started out at a Yankees vs. Red Sox game where Peter, Brian, Stewie and Joe were spending quality time with “guy” time with each other. The group were upset that the Yankees were leading the score, but a streaking quadriplegic riding down the field in his wheelchair brought distracted them for a minute.

At the game an awkward moment between Peter and Quagmire occurs in the bathroom. This is a situation that unfortunately most guys endure. Peter and Quagmire were in a crowded restroom where they had to pee standing side-by-side. Peter is too uncomfortable to go so he holds it in and tells Quagmire that he’s done. Quagmire responds eerily “Peter, I know you didn’t go.” Peter admittingly responds by saying that he will relieve himself in the stairwell.

When they return to their seats a homerun heads toward the gang and as Peter, Quagmire, Brian and Joe fight to catch the ball (Brian ends up with the ball) Quagmire’s toupee comes off. The Jumbo-tron catches the big revelation as Quagmire’s toupee just dangles off the side of his head.

Quagmire is devastated that people have found out his humiliating secret. While drinking at the bar a news segment appears on the television featuring Quagmire’s embarrassing moment on the Jumbo-tron. News anchor Tom Tucker reports that the video already has two million views on Youtube. The gang tries to console him. Peter tells Quagmire it is not that bad and innocently suggests that he could always kill himself. However, Brian offers more positive advice telling Quagmire to embrace the baldness.

Quagmire takes Brian’s advice and takes off the toupee. However, he also completely changes his personality. He starts acting like to old bitter man in the neighborhood when he takes a chair sits on Peter’s lawn recording car speeds on his radar speed gun and tells drivers to slow down. He also goes to the library and engages in unnecessary small talk with the librarian at the help desk while there is a huge line. When the gang addresses Quagmire’s behavior he makes the decision to get a hair transplant.

The hair transplant is a success, but while in the hospital Brian finds out that Carter Pewterschmidt, Lois’ father, is dying of cancer. He shares the news with Stewie who checks up on a sick Carter via his nanny cam. Stewie further explains that the nanny cam helps him learn Spanish from his grandfather’s housekeeper while she is being coerced into sleeping with Mr. Pewterschmidt (sex and race jokes Family Guy style.)

Brian tells Lois the news and she immediately goes over to her father’s mansion to check on him only to find a perfectly healthy Carter Pewterschmidt. Lois is relieved and immediately accuses Brian of causing a scare. Brian and Stewie are baffled so they decide to spy on the healthy Carter. They discover that Carter’s company has discovered the cure to cancer, but is keeping the cure away from the public because it is more profitable to treat cancer over a long period of time than to cure it. When Brian tells Lois what her father is doing she makes her father promise her that he will release the cure to the public. He does not follow through on the promise and when Lois calls him on the phone to confront him he dryly responds, “I lied.” Seth MacFarlane delivers another bizarrely hilarious episode with suggestive political conspiracy theories (someone hiding the cure for cancer)?



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