‘Family Guy’ Episode 5 Recap: Joe’s Revenge

By Luis Vargas,
Joe Swanson faces the man who put him in a wheelchair

This episode began at The Onion with Joe, Peter, and Quagmire enjoying some beers. However, it got straight to the point very quickly as Tom Tucker announced the capture of Bobby Briggs, the man who made Joe Swanson a paraplegic.

Some fans may have recalled the origin story of Joe losing the use of his legs was explained in a previous episode of Family Guy; in this episode the truth came out. Joe revealed that the criminal who did this to him didn’t actually fall out of a window like previously explained. Joe worked undercover trying to infiltrate Bobby’s heroin business. When Bobby found the wire under Joe’s shirt he discovered that he was a cop. He quickly pulled out his gun, and when Joe told him that he couldn’t kill a cop because that would be life in prison, Bobby didn’t kill him but instead he shot his legs leaving him a paraplegic.

Family and friends celebrate Bobby’s capture, but the celebration is cut short when they find out that Bobby has escaped from prison during a prison “open house” (only in Quahog.) Swanson begs the chief commissioner to allow him to work on the Brigg’s case, however the commissioner says no because he feels Joe is too close to the case. Instead he puts two knuckleheads on the case and makes him work on the case of a criminal who spends his time pulling his pants down in Dunkin’ Donuts and rubbing his butt on the counter.

Initially Joe gives up, but Peter convinces him to take matters into his own hands. The trio Joe, Peter, and Quagmire embark on an investigation to find Briggs, the escaped convict and the man who made Joe lose use of his legs. Once Joe takes his two friends to his investigation room where he has spent hours culminating a wall of clues surrounding Briggs, he discovers that Briggs is in Atlantic City.

They end up in an Atlantic City strip club because they have a hunch Briggs is hiding out there. Quagmire reveals he has been to this exact strip club 20 years ago and then two twin strippers who have an every resemblance to Quagmire appear. Quagmire is able to extract some information on Briggs from a stripper.

The three search the strip club and Joe finds his nemesis Briggs who doesn’t remember Joe and creates a diversion to escape. The three chase after Briggs on the roofs of Atlantic City, but Joe misses a jump and hangs off a ledge. Peter calls on Spider-man for help, but your favorite web-slinging hero was in no mood to help and he tells Peter off. Joe falls off the tower, but fortunately his legs break his fall.

They lose Briggs and crooked cops arrest the three of interfering in a police’s investigation. However, Quagmire is a man of many abilities and he is able to use his penis as a torch and Swiss army knife to break everyone out of the handcuffs. They steal a cop car and chase Briggs who is on his way to Mexico. They find him at the border and Joe gets his revenge on Briggs by accidentally killing him. Be sure to catch Family Guy tonight on the Fox network at 9 pm eastern time.



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