'Family Guy' Episode 6 Recap: 'Mid-Life Crisis'

By Luis Vargas,
Lois goes through a mid-life crisis

This episode takes a nice change of pace and focuses on Lois as she struggles to deal with the fact that she is getting older. As her 43rd birthday approaches she tells Brian and the rest of the family that she rather not celebrate this birthday. However, Brian thinks it is a good idea to throw Lois a surprise birthday party.

Before the party Lois takes Stewie to the park and attempts to lift him up, but hurts her back and as a result drops Stewie from midair. Stewie angrily gets up from the fall and walks away from Lois while saying “Thanks, for the throw Casey Anthony.” At the park Stewie finds a turtle he attempts to befriend. He asks the turtle what he thinks about Rose McGowan and the turtle sticks his head back into his shell. When Stewie asks the turtle how he feels about Michelle Rodriguez he sticks his heads back out of the shell. Stewie approves of the turtle and names the turtle Sheldon. When Stewie brings Sheldon home he introduces him to Brian then he notices that Rupert’s eye is missing, but remains clueless to the fact that Sheldon cut Rupert’s eye off.

At Lois’ surprise birthday party Peter recites a speech where he basically says that Lois is expired goods and calls her a “plow horse.” This deeply offends Lois, who runs out of the room crying, and the next time we see her she is dressed like a go-go dancer with a pink cowgirl hat, pink boots, a mini-skirt and a tank-top. Her clothes are not the only thing that Lois changes as she reveals she got a butt implant and a vaginal rejuvenation. Although Brian worries that Lois is going through a mid-life crisis Peter initially enjoys Lois newfound youth, but he can’t keep up with her hard-partying ways.

In a montage with Sheryl Crow set to background music Peter and Lois go on a tear where they take ecstasy, ride a mechanical bull, make graffiti art and kill a homeless pedestrian because Lois takes her shirt off and causes Peter to lose control.

Back at the house viewers see just how much of deviant Sheldon the turtle is when he replaces a bookmark with a razor blade in Stewie’s book, switches Brian’s booze with soda, switches Meg’s sleeping pills with alka seltzer and replaces Peter’s glasses with forks. Stewie remains oblivious to Sheldon’s evil deeds, but when Sheldon sneaks up on Stewie with a knife while he is sleeping Stewie fights Sheldon and ends up flushing him down the toilet. However, this would not be the last of Sheldon.

Sheldon sends Stewie two boxes. One of the boxes contains Rupert’s head and the other contained some stranger’s head. Sheldon came into Stewie’s room to finish the job, but Stewie had already anticipated the attack and got the jump on him. The two exchange hits and the fight leads to the living room where Stewie sees Sheldon’s shell and strikes it with the bat only to find a hidden bomb that explodes. Sheldon appears without his shell ready to end Stewie, but out of nowhere Super Mario appears and trumps the turtle.

Lois continues partying without Peter and she appears on the Quahog news channel as a crazed Justin Bieber fan. She sneaks backstage to take Bieber’s virginity, but Peter comes just in time to stop her and irrationally beat up the pop star. Peter explains that he doesn’t want a young wife he wants the real Lois and states that Lois is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Lois comes back home and everything is fine until Lois reveals that she is 43-years-old not 35 as Peter initially thought then Peter blatantly tells her “Get out.”



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