'Family Guy' Recap Episode 4: Yug Ylimaf

By Luis Vargas,
Stewie and Brian time travel for ‘Family Guy’s’ 200th episode

To celebrate its 200th episode, Stewie and Brian went on another time travel adventure on Family Guy. Brian accidentally caused time to literally go in reverse as he uses the time machine to impress and bed women he meets at bars.

At the beginning of the episode Brian spends time at a bar where he spots Cindy, a woman who explains that she needs to sleep with others in order to feel good about herself. However, Brian faces competition from another guy at the bar who tells her about how rich he is. Brian can’t compete so he decides to win Cindy’s vagina with Stewie’s time machine.

Once he brags about the time machine he brings her to Stewie’s room where the machine is located. The two travel back to Lincoln’s assassination where they start making love right after Lincoln gets shot. This becomes a regular thing where Brian brings girls from the bar home, they time travel and the two make love in memorable moments of history.

Once Stewie finds out about Brian’s sexual escapades he is infuriated because he recalls how hard it has been for him to approach ladies. The show then cuts back to Stewie walking over to a group of women to say hi and then running away while giggling.

Stewie is angrier when he finds out how Brian has been getting these women. One night Brian picks up a 16-year-old girl and she points out to him that the time machine records how many years they have traveled. Brian is worried the Stewie will find out and he attempts to erase all the years recorded, and as a result, the machine goes berserk and sends out a blue surge of light through the roof up at the sky. This wakes Stewie up from sleep and once the time machine settles, Brian and Stewie realize the severity of Brian’s mistake.

They look out the window and see that everybody in Quahog is moving backwards in motions. Brian has caused the reversal of time. Stewie figures out what Brian has been doing after he finds panties on the floor.

As time moves in reverse, Lois comes in to take off the fresh diaper she put on Stewie to put on the used diaper thrown in the trash, to give you a complete sense of how this time reversal thing works in Family Guy. The poop that occupied the used diaper entered Stewie’s body again as he “un-pooped.” Another example of Seth MacFarlane and his writers pushing the envelope.

Family Guy also shows Peter’s drunken drive from The Clam in reverse and viewers realize that Peter drunk driving equals car damage and dead pedestrian.

Viewers also get to see Quagmire have sex in reverse and we also get to see that Quagmire orders women from an organization called “Netchix.”

The 200th episode also features one of Peter Griffin’s most fearsome enemies -- the overgrown Chicken. As Peter and the Chicken’s epic fight went in reverse we were able to see that their fight caused an airplane crash, bus accident and a grenade explosion all because Peter did not look when he was opening the door of his parked car, causing the Chicken to fall on his bike.

The time reversal accelerated, causing viewers to relive one of the most hilariously disgusting scenes that we have seen in the past 200 Family Guy episodes in reverse. The chowder scene where Peter wages whoever vomits the chowder last wins the pie goes in reverse. So Peter and Brian intake their vomit as it shoots up from the ground and back through their mouths, down their throats and in their stomachs. In case you can’t remember the scene, it is posted below. Try to imagine that in reverse. Pretty disgusting stuff right?

As Brian and Stewie recover from that ordeal they notice that Bonnie is pregnant again, meaning it will only be a matter of time before Stewie becomes “unborn” again, reentering the womb of his mother Lois.

Stewie works hard to repair the time machine, but he is running out of time as he looses his ability to walk and becomes younger by the second. He is too late to fix the reversal of time as Peter takes Stewie to go to the hospital for his birth.

It’s all up to Brian to switch the motion of time in order to ensure Stewie’s existence. As Stewie reenters Lois’s womb, Brian fixes the machine, causing time to go forward and Stewie reenters the outside world.



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