'Firefly: Browncoats Unite' cast reunites and discusses 'Firefly' experience

By Meaghan Fleming,

The Science Channel’s Firefly: Browncoats Unite, a 10th anniversary special for the Joss Whedon show Firefly, aired on Sunday and the cast shared their Firefly experiences.

Bernadette McDaid, the Science Channel's vice president of production, who also executive produced the special, told MTV, all the people involved with the special love the show.

“We wanted to give a shout-out to the fans, and give them the credit that they are due for keeping this alive for ten years,” McDaid explains. “It’s because of them that Firefly is still flying.”

The special has footage from Comic-Con with Joss Whedon, as well as a discussion and/or interviews with the main actors, minus Ron Glass (Shepherd Book), as well as executive producer Tim Minear and writer Jose Molina.

The cast talked about their experiences on the show and discussed what could have been if the show was not canceled, reports Zap2It.

Adam Baldwin (Jayne) says, “We were on the chopping block from the get-go, so we all knew we had to make the best show we could because we didn't know how long we were going to be around."

The cast also discussed some of their ideas for episodes. Alan Tudyk (Wash) had an idea about feral dogs that they would trap, and then sell, but River is able to communicate with the dogs somehow and by the time she’s done with them, they’re harmless.

Some information about Morena Baccarin's character Inara was revealed. A story line was going to be introduced where everyone would discover Inara was suffering from cancer. There was also a very dark episode planned for her character involving Reavers.

A clip from the special can be viewed below:

For those who missed the special, it will be airing again on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on the Science Channel.



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