Former 'Price is Right' model awarded $7.7 mllion in damages following lawsuit

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Former Price is Right model Brandi Cochran has been awarded close to $8 million in damages following a lengthy lawsuit against producers of the long-standing game show.

Cochran fired up a lawsuit against the producers FremantleMedia North America and the Price is Right Productions after she became pregnant in which she suffered severe discrimination, The Hollywood Reporter states.

She was awarded more than $7.7 million, The Associated Press reports, on Wednesday after a jury determined that she was discriminated against after she attempted to come back to work from maternity leave in 2010 and was instead terminated. Production claims that they only needed five models and thus not needing Cochran’s assistance on the show when she was ready to return.

Cochran’s lawsuit states that she witnessed the defendants harassing other pregnant employees, and she put off trying to expand her family out of fear that she would be terminated.

When she finally came forward about her pregnancy, she was forced to announce it on air, the lawsuit notes according to THR. Cochran also mentioned that producers would snub her, while others would make fun of her work. When she announced she was having twins she was not offered as much work as she the rest of the models.

As a result of stress, one of the twins died, the other was born 3 months early with severe problems.

The defendants plan to appeal the verdict.



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