Fox injunction against Dish Network’s ad skipping service denied

By Daniel S Levine,

Fox’s request to put a stop on Dish Network’s feature that allows customers to skip commercials has been denied by a California judge.

News Corp’s Fox and the other broadcast networks, including ABC, CBS and NBC, are fighting against Dish’s Hopper feature. This allows customers to record prime time programming from all four networks then automatically skips commercials a day after the shows air.

According to TGDaily, Fox had argued that its business would be hurt by Dish and customers making copies of shows, stating that the users of the feature could be infringing on exclusive copyrights. Fox said that the feature created a video on demand service that it did not approve of. Judge Dolly Gee partly agreed with that, but said that there was no immediate evidence that it was doing harm.

R. Stanton Dodge, general counsel for Dish, stated that Gee’s ruling was “a victory for common sense and customer choice,” reports The AP.

Fox stated, “Dish is marketing and benefiting from an unauthorized (video on demand) service that illegally copies Fox’s valuable programming.” The network plans on appealing the decision.

The networks believe that the feature will cut in on valuable revenue from advertisers, who might be less inclined to buy commercials if consumers are just going to be able to skip them.



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