French actor Gerard Depardieu arrested for driving drunk on scooter

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

French actor Gerard Depardieu was arrested Thursday after he was caught driving drunk on his scooter in Paris.

The Green Card and Jean de Florette star was held for questioning after he took a spill on his scooter, Reuters reports. The 63-year-old actor suffered only a minor injury to his elbow from the fall and no one else was hurt from the incident.

Depardieu was calculated to have a blood alcohol level of 1.8 grams per litre; the legal limit in France is 0.5, Daily Mail reports.

According to Reuters, this is not the first time Depardieu has been accused of being drunk in public. Depardieu was reportedly drunk on an Air France flight and insisted he be allowed to urinate during take-off. Depardieu began to pee in the aisle while other passengers were forced to remain seated. The plane had to turn around.

Daily Mail notes that Depardieu was also arrested months ago after an assault complaint was filed against him. The motorist told reporters that the actor punched him in the face after Depardieu ran into him.



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